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Vycon Energy

Vycon Energy

It’s Time to Expect More from an Energy Storage Solution.

It is the ability to use braking power from one train to move another… to capture energy generated in a shipyard crane’s lowering cycle to lift the next container… to eliminate the failures and environmental hazards of battery backup systems by eliminating the need for batteries.

In electric rail and shipyard crane applications, the REGEN® flywheel energy storage system is a reality. Delivering significant savings in energy and fuel costs while reducing a full range of emissions. In UPS applications, VDC brings increased power reliability—minus all the battery problems. In short, the VYCON® technology is a vital, first step toward the vision of energy storage.

At VYCON, we discover, develop, implement and continually improve upon industry-leading, environmentally friendly, flywheel power solutions. It’s time to expect more from an energy storage solution.

Surge Suppression Filter Systems

Ride Through to Emergency Stand-by Generator

Genset Ride-Through: NFPA 99 regulations for Emergency Power Systems stipulate that Gensets must be able to assume the load within 10 seconds. While batteries can perform this function, their reliability is always in question. Are they fully charged? Has a cell gone bad in the battery string? When was the last time they were checked? By contrast, VYCON’s VDC systems provide reliable energy storage instantaneously to assure a predictable transition to the stand-by gen-set, all in a compact footprint.

Battery Hardening (Parallel with batteries)

For applications without Gensets or for those who still want to use batteries, the VDC and VDC-XE can operate in parallel with batteries. In this configuration, the VDC is the first line of defense against power anomalies – saving the batteries for prolonged power outages. By being first to provide the necessary energy to ride through power glitches, the VDC system significantly increases battery life by absorbing over 98% of the discharges that would have normally caused the batteries to be cycled.

Glitch Protection for Industrial Applications

For applications in industrial markets where voltage dips, sags and glitches can shut down sensitive process control equipment leading to lost productivity and scraped materials, the VYCON VDC system is the perfect solution. 98% of all voltage sags and outages are less than 10 seconds in duration all of which can be solved by the energy stored in the VDC. Because the VDC can operate in harsh environments and occupies very little space, unlike batteries, it is the ideal solution for industrial applications.

Critical Components is the Southeast’s source for Vycon energy- Offering the top of the line UPS and power Quality. Serving Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Atlanta, Birmingham, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville.

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