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Critical Components, Inc. (CCI) personnel are committed to excellence through professionalism, superior knowledge base and outstanding customer service. CCI represents carefully selected manufacturer’s electrical and mechanical products that enhance power quality for business and industry.

CCI seeks to develop lasting relationships with our customers – mutually dependent relationships that become our strongest competitive advantage. We are granted, on average, more “face time” with engineers, project managers, distributors and end users. CCI uses that time to ensure that the “critical components” we represent reside in every possible customer application.

CCI strives to add value to projects through our many years of experience, superior knowledge base and uncompromising integrity. CCI’s value as the single point of contact between our customers and the manufacturers is profound to both.

CCI’s goal is to become the preferred power and mechanical quality equipment provider in our market areas. By representing superior power and mechanical products, providing the highest level of customer service, fostering long-term relationships with our customers and operating the business based on ethical principles.