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APC InRow Cooling

The predictable solution for an unpredictable environment.

The InRow Chilled Water product design closely couples the cooling with the IT heat load. This design prevents hot air recirculation, while improving cooling predictability and allowing for a pay as you grow environment. Available with and without humidity control, these products are designed to meet the diverse requirements for medium to large data centers.

Data center operators looking to improve efficiency or deploy high density servers will benefit from the modular design of the InRow Chilled Water products. The intelligent controls of the InRow Chilled Water products actively adjust fan speed and chilled water flow to match the IT heat load to maximize efficiency and address the dynamic demands of today’s IT environments.

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Perimeter, chilled water cooling for data centers

Reliable, efficient, and flexible room-based cooling.

Uniflair Chilled Water products offer flexible cooling solutions perfect for lower density racked and non-racked IT loads. These products meet the diverse requirements of the data center environment to efficiently provide cooling at the room level. Uniflair Chilled Water offers a flexible, assemble to order solution that provides variable fan technology and intelligent control for a more efficient solution.

Features and Benefits

Uniflair Chilled Water

Total cost of ownership
Electronically commutated fans provide the highest efficiency and reduce total power consumption by matching heat load of the data center

Careful sizing of heat exchanger coils yields a high sensible-to-total cooling ratio
Units were designed with compact dimensions to minimize cooling footprint and provide more space for IT equipment

Equipped with the ability to control both equipment cooling as well as humidity control
Units are available in both upflow and downflow configurations with multiple airflow options for any type of cooling application

Advanced controls enable the operation of the unit to adapt to every type of installation

Dehumidification operates only when required and is achieved without a reduction in airflow rate, ensuring continuous and uniform air distribution

Microprocessor controls the modulating three-way (or optional two-way) chilled water valve to give accurate capacity control

All front panels can be opened without the need for special tools and all normal maintenance operations can be carried out from the front of the unit

A push-button catch ensures easy access to the electrical panel and can be carried out with the unit in operation without disrupting airflow


Critical Components provides the Southeast with the APC InRow Cooling system. For dependable data center cooling solutions, look no further than CCI, your source for UPS and power related products – power management, battery back up, data center cooling, network power, power distribution, transformers. Serving Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Atlanta, Birmingham, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville.

Data Center Cooling Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Atlanta, Birmingham