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Leak Detection Systems

The PAL-AT® system monitors a coaxial cable for faults (leaks, breaks, shorts) using time domain reflectometry. The simple display and keypad allow for easy operator interface. The coaxial cable is installed in subfloors, under piping and equipment, along single wall piping, inside trenches and trays, in the interstitial space of contained piping systems, and other areas where liquid leakage may occur.

The LiquidWatch® system monitors point locations and can be configured to monitor up to 64 locations with reusable hydrocarbon probes, water probes, and float switches.

The FluidWatch® cable system has been engineered to monitor small areas for water leaks. Typical applications are unmanned equipment rooms, small raised floor areas, and small tanks.

Critical Components provides the Southeast with the Pal-At Leak Detection System and other power related products. Serving Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Atlanta, Birmingham, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville. A trusted source in power management, UPS, battery backup, power distribution and other industry-related products.

Leak Detection Systems Georgia, Florida, Alabama | Coaxial Cable Atlanta, Orlando, Birmingham, Tampa, Jacksonville