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Backup Power FL, GA, AL | Uninterruptible Power Atlanta, Jacksonville, Orlando, Birmingham

Critical Components, Inc. – UPS Atlanta, GA, Orlando, FL, Birmingham, AL

At this site, we provided the Generac 600 kW Diesel Generator & ATS/Parallel gear, Diesel Fuel Tank, 250 kVA UPS APC by Schneider, (2) PDU’s APC by Schneider, Racks APC by Schneider,  PDU Cables, APC by Schneider InRow Cooling units, Under Floor Cable Tray, ASM Access Flooring, and Cisco Eagle Cage.  All APC by Schneider equipment was routed for purchasing through HP. All other equipment was purchased directly from CCI by TK.

Data Center Power FL, GA, AL | Network Power Alabama, Florida | Backup Power Birmingham, Atlanta, Mobile

UPS Alabama, Georgia, Florida

Data Center Power AL, FL, GA | Backup Power Georgia, Florida, Alabama